There’s a story

“Shoot what you love. Make it something that’s near to your heart and near to you physically.” -Joe McNally


I heard the Joe McNally quote on the Chase Jarvis Podcast while I was driving to work yesterday. I found the interview profoundly enriching full of insights and advice. And I felt a deep sense of love for photography after listening to it.

I took this photo this weekend. We were sitting on the couch and my girlfriend was writing in her journal.

I pulled out my camera and asked her a bunch of questions to pull some emotions to the surface.

I asked her to think about the happiest time in her life. Her smile lit up and eyes started glowing.

I clicked away with the camera.

“Were you thinking about music?”

She said, “actually no. I was thinking about hiking and adventuring with you.”

I love that photography captures a split second of a moment. It can be filled with many thoughts, emotions and feelings. There’s a story behind everything and everyone. Knowing the story, can make the difference in photography the meaning in life and in the moment.


Motion Blur


Learned a new technique called motion blur for photography and had my first few attempts at it. Came across it in a photography challenge on Creative Live.

The idea is to have the subject in focus while everything else is blurry. Giving more movement to the photo. It took a few tries to figure out the right shutter speed and the amount of exposure, so I had to have my girlfriend run back and worth a few more times than I wanted.

A few shots came out pretty well but I do know I have tons and tons of more practice on this technique. It was fun trying something new and hopefully I can become better at it so that I can try it while photographing races.

Towards the end of the run, we got stuck in the middle of a mountain bike race and did some practice on them too. I can see this being a cool trick to work on if the background isn’t very appealing.

The World’s Beauty



This is what fulfills me and what makes my heart smile. I don’t share these photos to say “look at what I’m doing.” I share these to show everyone the absolute beauty in this world. It took me a while to find what makes me filled with joy and happy to wake up every single day. What most people don’t know about me is that music is my first deep passion. And the music world lost a few people to suicide recently, who I grew up listening to. Though we will never know the true reasons for doing so, I think we should begin to look within our own selves. What is it that we are currently doing? Are we fulfilled or are we achieving just because we feel that’s what we should be doing. Or are we just floating by without trying to follow our hearts or even attempting to challenge ourselves and grow. Finding what makes you happy and complete should be our main purpose. We’ll experience the least of smooth roads to reach that but in the end, it’ll be worth it. If you aren’t happy right now, you have to change something. There is nothing wrong with feeling empty right now, it’s part of being human. But use that as a guiding light to feeling full. Reach out to others for help. We are all in this together. We all are suffering in some form or another at this very moment. We live in the most beautiful world right now. Know there’s beauty in this world. If you’re hurting right now, know there’s something to look forward to and know that we are all here to listen and to help you see the amazing in this world. It’s not easy being human but we can make it easier on one another by working together.