Little Thanks

I came up with an idea called Little Thanks. It’s centered around expressing gratitude for the amazing little things in life. I believe it’s those little things that have the biggest impact in life. Sharing your gratitude is a great way to boost your happiness and showing people how thankful you are, will make people feel appreciated. And plus, getting mail feels great, doesn’t it!?

It’s a free handwritten thank you postcard. All you do is tell us what to say and who to send it to, and we will handwrite it for you on the postcard and mail it.

Happiness is wanting what we already have, not what we don’t. We all have someone to be grateful for. Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, husband, wife, coworker, best friend, neighbor…anyone! Head to the Little Thanks Facebook page to check it out!

Facebook page for Road To A 100

I created a Facebook page for my other blog! Check her out at Road To A 100. Hit that good ol’ Like button if you’re interested in running. Thanks amigos

Pay It Forward

Not really sure how I got this idea or why I wanted to do this. I am absolutely happy and a very positive person. Maybe I just wanted to spread that a little, share it and hope others do the same with some act of kindness.

I placed this note in an envelope on my neighbor’s doorstep…


New Blog: Road To A 100

I have started a new blog. It’s my story post college life. How I discovered running and where it has taken me. And where it will take me…I am training for my first 100 mile race.

Swing by Road To A 100 and follow my new blog!

Next race…My 1st 50 Miler!

Before my last race I had already picked out my next challenge, the Trail Rail Run 50 miler! It will start in Mullan, Idaho and end in St. Regis Montana and is run on an old railroad bed. So it will be mostly or relatively flat for a 50 mile race. Which will be good for my first one.  It will be on June 22nd…so less than 3 months away! 

It has been about a month and a half since the Destin 50K. I spent about 4 weeks doing recovery runs and the last 2 weeks I began adding back speed and long run workouts. I’ve definitely felt rusty on my speed workouts so far, but that’s to be expected. But because of that I didnt know what to expect with my first race back.

This past weekend I did a local 5k with no idea what I wanted to do. Should it be an all out effort or just a tempo run? Even after the race started I didn’t know…haha!



warm up for the 5k

My first mile I went out hot. Too fast and faster than I wanted. At that point I was like, “hell might as well go all out and see what happens.” So that’s when I finally made my decision and scraped the idea of it being a temp run. The next mile was just about all up hill. A lot slower of a pace and it wiped me out. But the good news was that the last mile would be back down hill. My pace picked back up and I was able to finish strong.

running all out at the end

running all out at the end

I ended up running my 3rd fastest 5k. Which the times I ran faster were in the middle of my last training cycle. So for me to lay down that time on a hilly course and at the beginning of a new training cycle is awesome! I can’t wait to build up my endurance even more over the next few months to conquer my first 50 miler. I’m so ready for this.

Don’t Wait


Whatever it is you are dreaming of doing, do it today. If you wait for the perfect moment, that moment may never come. Now is the time.


A college friend of mine started a really cool cause called Stay+ (Stay Positive). The idea is that with positive energy we can create positive change. Inspired by one of his close friends to start the cause, Stay+ initially began to raise money for the organization Be The Match. An organization which he donated bone marrow to in 2007. With great success he has now started his second fundraiser, this time benefiting Stand For The Silent. SFTS was founded by Ty Field-Smalley’s parents after Ty, at the age of 11, took is own life as a result of being bullied.

“Stand for the Silent exists as a platform to allow Ty’s parents to share their story and offer education and tools that will prevent their tragedy from happening to another child and family. Their mission is to continue to change kids’ lives and bring awareness to bullying and the real devastation it causes.”

The goal for the fundraiser is to bring Stand for the Silent to multiple schools across the country to get the message across to potentially thousands of students. Visit to learn more information about the fundraiser and to make a donation.

I really like what Stay+ stands for and what it is doing for the world. I believe my friend and his cause has a very bright future. Lets create positive change by living a positive life!


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