Yesterday I checked my blog stats to see how many readers I had and to see how they found the blog. Someone found my blog by doing an internet search of ‘losing the desire for things you love to do.’ The first thing I thought was, what could I say to this person if I could talk to them? Just a month ago, I was in their shoes with my running. This post is for them. I have no idea who you are or where you’re from. I have no idea what you love to do. And even though I am writing this just for that one person, I hope others can relate to it and maybe use my advice.

Everyone in the world has something they love, whether it’s riding a bike, painting, reading, collecting stamps, hiking, traveling, writing music… I think you get the point. Haha!  We all have passions and hobbies we absolutely love. We want to do it every waking moment we have because it makes us happy and accomplished. But sometimes we reach a point where we no longer get the same feelings it once gave us. The joy of it just isn’t there for some reason. It’s possible you are burned out. Or maybe you’ve reached some kind of plateau and don’t see the progress that you thought you should be having. Or maybe you’ve reached some kind of writers block or loss of creativity, and you’re feeling a bit frustrated. But whatever the reason may be, don’t let it get you down. Tons of people eventually feel that way about the things they love. Just because you may feel these things doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore, it just means you may need a break. And that’s completely okay!

How long of a break do you take and what do I do in the meantime? It all depends on the individual and their passion. It may be a break of an hour or it might be a few months.

If you feel that you need a short and brief break; go for a walk, take a nap, get a few drinks at happy hour with your friends, open a book, watch a movie, do a puzzle, play a game, listen to your favorite cd. Do something fun!

If you feel that you need a longer period, like a day, weeks or months; sleep in and be lazy all day, take a vacation, pick up a new hobby, sign up for classes on something that you’ve always wanted to try, spend more time with family and friends, find a do-it-yourself-project that needs to be done around your house.

These are just a few examples, the point is to get your mind off of what you love. Sounds kind of weird to think about, doesn’t it? You just need to clear your mind and remember why you love doing it. You’ll know when the time is right to get back to what you love doing. And when you do, it will be like discovering it for the first time all over again. Who knows, you may discover a new love in addition to what you already love.

A break doesn’t mean you are giving up on it. It means you are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the things you love in your life.