Remember in elementary school, just a few days before Thanksgiving break, you had to write things you were thankful for on construction paper? It’s just like that! But this time you don’t have to do it on construction paper with crayons and post it on the fridge… unless you really want to. Haha!

I have recently read a few articles about the secrets to success and happiness, and a common thing that came up is a gratitude journal. The idea is to think of the positive things that happened during your day. Things that you are really grateful and thankful for. It can be anything that made you happy. Did someone make you smile during the day? Did someone help you at school or work? Did the clear skies make you feel happy? Did the hug your significant other gave you feel amazing? Did the apple you ate at lunch taste fresh and delicious?

Whatever it is that made you happy, write it down. You don’t have to go out and actually buy a journal. You can just create a word document on your computer or use a small notepad. And it doesn’t have to be a long task either. Just write a few short sentences if you want. Start doing this every night before you go to bed.

You’ll begin to appreciate and be more thankful for the simple things and you won’t put as much wasted emphasis on the negatives of the day. When you focus your mind on the positive things that happened to you, you become a more happy person. And when you are a happier person, you become more successful. The key to life is happiness, right? So why not give this a shot and see how you feel?