A few months ago my girlfriend, at the time (now an ex), sent me an email questioning my desire to want the things I wanted to do. “I don’t see how you say you want to these things, but don’t do anything about it.”  At that point I had just sent out a few emails to professional athletes asking for advice. I never heard back from them, so I never tried again to contact them. Not only that she knew a few people at her work that were willing to help me out, but I never really took the initiative to reach out to them. Also she wondered why I didn’t sign up for any local clubs that I could get involved with in the sports I love doing.

I kind of felt like her email was a slap in the face. After a few days, I never thought about it much. Until recently I came across these videos. I highly recommend you watch them. They are awesome!

Now that I think about her email she was testing my desire and love for what I want to do. She was really trying to motivate me to take actions necessary to up my game. If I really wanted the things I say I did, why wasn’t I doing anything about them? Now I’m ready! I’ve made a plan and set goals. I want to achieve amazing things and there is no better time than now to take the first steps.

What’s something you always say you want to do? Quit cigarettes? Lose weight and start exercising? Start a business? Travel abroad? The only person stopping you…is you. Stop making excuses and procrastinating. If you really wanted to do what you say you want to do, you would do it. What are you waiting for?!