A college friend of mine started a really cool cause called Stay+ (Stay Positive). The idea is that with positive energy we can create positive change. Inspired by one of his close friends to start the cause, Stay+ initially began to raise money for the organization Be The Match. An organization which he donated bone marrow to in 2007. With great success he has now started his second fundraiser, this time benefiting Stand For The Silent. SFTS was founded by Ty Field-Smalley’s parents after Ty, at the age of 11, took is own life as a result of being bullied.

“Stand for the Silent exists as a platform to allow Ty’s parents to share their story and offer education and tools that will prevent their tragedy from happening to another child and family. Their mission is to continue to change kids’ lives and bring awareness to bullying and the real devastation it causes.”

The goal for the fundraiser is to bring Stand for the Silent to multiple schools across the country to get the message across to potentially thousands of students. Visit http://www.crowdrise.com/stayposday2013/fundraiser/kstaps to learn more information about the fundraiser and to make a donation.

I really like what Stay+ stands for and what it is doing for the world. I believe my friend and his cause has a very bright future. Lets create positive change by living a positive life!